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NSSBB #: 25628
ISBN: 9781895415810
Title: Rise Again! The Story of Cape Breton Island
Supplier: Breton Books and Music
Published: 2008
Price: $15.36
Language: English
Origin: AC - Atl. Can.
Notes: "Rise Again! The Story of Cape Breton Island," Book One, by Robert Morgan takes you from Mi’kmaw life before European contact to the building of French Louisbourg—the island’s First Economic Boom. Morgan then guides the reader from the British-and-French battle for control of the island and Britain’s deliberate schemes to withhold opportunities for significant growth, through the opening of Cape Breton to provide a home for the Loyalists, the forced marriage of the Colony of Cape Breton to the Colony of Nova Scotia—and with that the birth of the never-ending Separatist movement. Book One takes the reader up to the twentieth century as Cape Breton becomes home for Acadians, Irish, and Scottish—preparing the ground for the Second Economic Boom in Book Two, as the distinct Cape Breton personality emerges and world markets are found for Cape Breton’s coal and steel. Robert Morgan is Senior Historian at the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Park, Director of the Beaton Institute archives, and Professor of History at Cape Breton University. Dr. Morgan has dedicated his life to preserve local heritage properties and to keep the island’s story alive.

This book would make an excellent classroom resource for students at the high school level in a number of courses, including Gaelic Studies 11 and Canadian History 11.
Rise Again! The Story of Cape Breton Island - Robert J. Morgan
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Social Studies/Gaelic Studies/Gaelic Studies 11 11 2-3:C 04/22/2009
Social Studies/History/Canadian History 11 11 1:T 04/22/2009