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NSSBB #: 23525
ISBN: 9781551094953
Title: Joe Howe to the Rescue
Supplier: Nimbus Publishing Ltd.
Published: 2004
Price: $9.07
Language: English
Origin: AC - Atl. Can.
Notes: It is Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1834, and 12-year-old Jack Dance, whose captain father is lost at sea and whose mother is poor, has to leave school and go to work. By chance he meets Joe Howe, who is impressed with Jack's brightness and invites him to be his printer's boy at the office of his newspaper, The Novascotian. From then on a series of things happen to make Jack's life exciting and even dangerous. He stumbles on a major smuggling ring, is kidnapped by the king of the smugglers, escapes with the help of a black ex-slave, and befriends the smuggler's daughter, Lucy. Jack slowly uncovers the evidence that will destroy the whole smuggling business. Meanwhile, Joe, who has already written articles about smuggling in Halifax and is seen as the smuggler's arch-enemy, has printed a letter in his paper that attacks the powerful and corrupt men running the town, including the king of the smugglers. They charge him with criminal libel, and he has to defend himself in court to avoid fines and imprisonment. "Joe Howe to the Rescue" weaves together the true story of Joe Howe's fight for freedom of the press during this period with the exciting fictional story of his printer's boy. Jack learns to love and respect his boss and his friend, who went on to become the greatest Nova Scotian who ever lived.
Joe Howe to the Rescue - Michael Bawtree
Resource Type: Student Resource - Atlantic Canada
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English Language Arts/All Disciplines/Active Readers 7 Fiction 6:C 01/01/2005
Social Studies/Social Studies/Social Studies 7 7 6:C 07/01/2005