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NSSBB #: 2002775
ISBN: 9781988747866
Title: Luran agus a' mhaighdeann-mhara
Supplier: Tattletales
Published: 2021
Price: $12.79
Language: Gaelic
Origin: AC - Atl. Can.
Notes: Luran was a farmer and a fisherman. He had cows, sheep, and horses. And he had a good fishing boat. But one thing was bothering him: the fairies were coming every night and stealing his animals! He didn't know what to do, until one day when he was out fishing, he met a mermaid. She knew all kinds of useful things. To solve his problem with the fairies, she told him to eat oatmeal every day, and he would grow strong enough to chase after the fairies and get his animals back. The mermaid's advice worked. Luran grew very fond of her and visited her often. One day, he decided to share his oatmeal with her. She refused, but he tried to feed it to her anyway, and burned her mouth. She grew very angry and swam away, never to return.
Luran agus a' mhaighdeann-mhara - Mickey MacNeil
Resource Type: Student/Teacher Resource
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Gaelic/Gaelic/Gaelic 7 7 Gaelic Heritage Literature 1:C 06/28/2022
Gaelic/Gaelic/Gaelic 8 8 Picture Books 1:C 06/28/2022