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NSSBB #: 2002221
ISBN: 9781459414198
Title: The Courage of Elfina
Supplier: Formac Publishing Company Limited
Published: 2019
Price: $19.96
Language: English
Origin: C - Canadian
Notes: "Twelve-year-old Elfina lives with her grandmother in Paraguay. When a distant relative offers to have Elfina come live with her in the city so she can attend school, Elfina's grandmother sends her off for a better life. But life with her relatives isn't what Elfina thought it would be, and soon Elfina finds herself far away from home, living in Canada, and kept as a domestic servant by the family. School and an education are now a distant dream. When Elfina's uncle makes inappropriate advances at her, she knows she must somehow find the courage to escape and return home. But who will help her?"

**The Courage of Elfina deals with the topic of sexual exploitation and may be offensive to some readers.**
The Courage of Elfina - André Jacob, Christine Delezenne
Resource Type: Student resource
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Category Guidance
Social Studies/Social Studies/Citizenship 9 9 Fiction 1:C 10/02/2019
English Language Arts/English Language Arts/English Language Arts 9 9 Fiction 1:C 10/02/2019