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NSSBB #: 2002214
ISBN: 9781459412842
Title: Sliding Home
Supplier: Formac Publishing Company Limited
Published: 2018
Price: $10.36
Language: English
Origin: C - Canadian
Notes: "Miguel hasn't missed his native El Salvador since arriving in Canada with his mother and sister. But with his father still in El Salvador running their bakery, and gangs shaking down the old neighbourhood, life still isn't easy for Miguel. Holding down multiple jobs leaves him with little time for his beloved game of baseball--while happy-go-lucky Sebastian, Miguel's teammate on the Blues of Toronto's Christie Pits Park, spends his free time becoming a faster and better player. When his father's situation becomes critical, Miguel becomes desperate to bring him to Canada. But he can't even afford to join the Blues on a road game--how can his family possibly pay his father's way? A solution comes from Sebastian, who proposes a big baseball fundraiser. As the Blues learn about the hard realities some new Canadian kids face, Miguel and his family learn to trust their neighbours and teammates."

Sliding Home - Joyce Grant
Resource Type: Student resource
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Category Guidance
English Language Arts/English Language Arts/English 10 10 Fiction 1:C 10/02/2019
English as an Additional Language/English as an Additional Language/English as an Additional Language 10 Multicultural/Anti-racism 1:C 10/02/2019