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NSSBB #: 2002050
ISBN: 9781459407664
Title: Transphobia : deal with it and be a gender transcender
Supplier: Formac Publishing Company Limited
Published: 2016
Price: $24.95
Language: English
Origin: C - Canadian
Notes: Who do you think you are? Part of your identity is how you experience and choose to express your gender. That can be the gender you were assigned at birth or not, or even no gender at all! Transphobia is a lack of understanding or tolerance for people who don't conform to certain ideas of what it means to be female or male. This book will help you deal with transphobia, whether you're the target, the transphobe or the witness.

Please be advised that this book deals with mature themes and sensitive subject matter such as explicit sex, substance abuse, family structures, alternative lifestyles, and disturbing issues including depression, alienation, suicide, and eating disorders. Some readers may find the use of profanity, coarse or vulgar language, and/or graphic violence objectionable.
Transphobia : deal with it and be a gender transcender - J. Wallace Skelton, Nick Johnson
Resource Type: Student/Teacher Resource
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Health Education/Healthy Living/Healthy Living 8 8 Non-Fiction 1:C 09/13/2018