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NSSBB #: 2002034
ISBN: 9781771084932
Title: A Distorted Revolution : How Eric's Trip Changed Music, Moncton, and Me
Supplier: Nimbus Publishing Ltd.
Published: 2017
Price: $15.37
Language: English
Origin: AC - Atl. Can.
Notes: "Eric's Trip was a band defined as much by its DIY ethos as its lo-fi, discordant music. The four-piece formed in an early '90s Moncton basement and in a few short years, went from recording themselves on a four-track and selling cassettes at local record stores to signing on Seattle's Sub Pop records, opening for Sonic Youth, and touring internationally. Twenty years after the band's breakup (1996), A Distorted Revolution is the ultimate nostalgia trip. Through personal recollections, interviews with band members and others integral to the early '90s scene, this highly anticipated book offers a rare glimpse inside the band's formation, success, and ultimate uravelling. Includes previously unpublished photos and discography."

Please be advised that this book deals with mature themes and sensitive subject matter. Some readers may find the use of language objectionable. (June 2021)
A distorted revolution : how Eric's Trip changed music, Moncton, and me - Jason Murray
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English Language Arts/English Language Arts/English 11 11 Non-Fiction 1:C 09/07/2018