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NSSBB #: 2001832
ISBN: 9781459411197
Title: Righting Canada's Wrongs: Resource Guide
Supplier: Formac Publishing Company Limited
Published: 2016
Price: $19.96
Language: English
Origin: C - Canadian
Notes: The RIGHTING CANADA'S WRONGS series is devoted to the exploration of the mostly unknown, and often shocking, stories of Canadian government's racist actions against various ethnic groups through our history, the fight for acknowledgement and justice, and the eventual apologies and restitution of subsequent governments.
In this Resource Guide you will find seven lessons that will engage your students while they learn about some of the important events in Canada's history that helped shape our current multicultural society. You will find support for teaching about Canada's past treatment of ethnic minorities and how to approach the topic of racism. As well, your students will learn about the important roles that these minorities have played in Canadian society.

A different historical thinking concept is introduced in each lesson
Each lesson is directly linked to books in the series. Evaluation rubrics for your assessment of student achievement on each lesson are included as is a special guide to teaching about racism.

The Righting Canada's Wrongs series is an excellent resource for class discussion and historical perspective-taking. While it does contain images, graphics, quotes, and propaganda from the time period which may raise concern out of context, within the milieu of historical thinking the images are powerful and thought provoking. To this end, teachers are advised to familiarize themselves with the settings of these books and use them within a responsible and considered environment.
Righting Canada's Wrongs: Resource Guide - Lindsay Gibson, Ilan Danjoux, Chris Case
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Social Studies/Mi'kmaq Studies/Mi'kmaw Studies 11 11 Professional Resources 1:T 03/07/2018 07/07/2022
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