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NSSBB #: 2001444
ISBN: 9781897426470
Title: Two More Solitudes: A Novel
Supplier: Nimbus Publishing Ltd.
Published: 2013
Price: $16.07
Language: English
Origin: AC - Atl. Can.
Notes: Ian MacDonald is searching for himself, for a career, for home, and for redemption. Yet Ian, a man with a talent for baseball, seems to use “the suicide pitch” with rather unerring aim as he runs from one woman to another. Set in both Nova Scotia and Quebec, this novel follows Ian's quest through his encounters with a torch-singing nun, an old flame, and a woman who seeks more than friendship. As Ian struggles to find his place, for a time literally not knowing who he is, readers are guided through a journey full of eccentric but fully human characters, all trying to live in worlds that do not always accommodate their dreams and desires. "Two More Solitudes" resonates with the burdens of memory, disappointment, uncertainty, death—and most particularly with the pleasures and pains of life itself. At times funny and poignant, this book is also a rich and subtle exploration of how Ian and those around him find their way in the world, with themselves, and with others.
Two More Solitudes: A Novel - Sheldon Currie
Resource Type: Student Resource - Atlantic Canada
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English Language Arts/English Language Arts/English 12 12 Fiction 1:C 01/21/2014