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NSSBB #: 1003448
ISBN: 9781771085502
Title: The Flying Squirrel Stowaways : from Nova Scotia to Boston
Supplier: Nimbus Publishing Ltd.
Published: 2017
Price: $16.07
Language: English
Origin: AC - Atl. Can.
Notes: "A fun holiday story following flying squirrels who choose the Boston Christmas Tree as their home and are treated to an international adventure. It's wintertime in Nova Scotia and two flying squirrels are busy exploring the woods around their spruce-tree home. After a busy night of playing and gliding and snacking, they're ready to settle down and sleep all day. But humans have other plans: the tree is cut down and packed onto a truck bound for Boston, Massachusetts. Turns out their new home has been chosen as Halifax's annual thank-you gift, the Boston Christmas Tree. The little squirrels have no idea they're about to embark on a journey across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Maine on the way to Boston. Will the accidental stowaways be discovered? And what awaits them in their new American home? From the author and illustrator of Jigs and Reels comes a vibrantly illustrated, fun holiday story about curiosity, adventure, and making a new home."--
The flying squirrel stowaways : from Nova Scotia to Boston - Marijke Simons
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English Language Arts/English Language Arts/English Language Arts 3 3 Picture Books 1:C 09/11/2018